5 Perks That Will Make You Want to Start a Blog

December 6, 2017

We’re big believers in blogging and think you should be too.


The biggest misconception we hear from small business owners and entrepreneurs is that blogging “doesn’t apply” to their industry, or simply is not relevant to their customer base.


In fact, blogging is a highly useful tool in the digital marketing spectrum and can benefit any business.


Here are our top five reasons you should start a blog:


1. Blogging connects with your audience.

Blogging adds a personal touch of credibility and relatability to your business. Ideally, your blog posts will reflect the needs, interests and pain points of your target audience.


If a client or prospect has a question about your product or service, they can refer to your blog, where you already offer tons of useful, informational content. Think of your blog as an archive or vault of valuable, insightful information for your client base.


Try this: If your clients are all asking the same questions, write a post about it! Next time the question comes up, the client can easily be referred to your post — demonstrating authority and value, and saving you tons of time!


2. Use your blog to promote new products, services or offers.

Your blog is a cost effective (read: free) method when it comes time to launch a new product or service.


Blogging is an ideal marketing tool because you maintain full control over what is published and when allowing you to tailor your message to your target audience expertly.


3. Link your blog to your social media pages.

Your social media accounts and blogging go hand-in-hand — each supports and benefits the other. In a blog post, you can refer to your social media page and share your blog posts via your social media profiles.


That’s double exposure for your content and ensures you’re not missing any areas of your audience.


4. Blogging establishes authority.

Offering valuable, relevant content to your audience makes you the expert in your industry. Blogging on a consistent basis will indicate to your audience, you are knowledgeable and current within your industry. In essence, your blog is a promise on value.


5. It’s free.

Unlike most marketing strategies, blogging costs nothing but your time. The risk ($0) is well worth the rewards to your brand and client base. Why not give it a shot?


Need an extra nudge to get started? Check out: 6 Steps to Developing A Successful Blog.


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