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7 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page and Attract Subscribers

Gaining subscribers and growing your mailing list is a vital to the livelihood of your business.

It’s important because:

  • Newsletters allow you to connect with your audience and share valuable content
  • You can alert clients and prospects about new product, services, offers or promotions
  • Newsletters allow you to track your audience’s activity, so you can tailor your message more aptly
  • Landing in your audience’s inbox will keep your brand on their radar, so you’re there when they’re ready

So, how do we get subscribers? You gain subscribers by building an attractive landing page.

Consider this: Your landing page is the first point of contact for customers and your business. And, first impressions are everything.

Creating an attractive landing page will intrigue users and urge them to take action to stay connected with your brand.

We’ve built hundreds of websites and know the formula to attract and keep subscribers coming back to your page. Take a look at our expert tips for how you can create or improve your landing page and grow your mailing list.

1. Start with a noteworthy headline.

When a user lands on your page, they should immediately be drawn to your headline, and have the feeling “yes, they understand me.”

With the ever-increasing number of options, resources, and information available to consumers, it’s no surprise, attention span has decreased significantly. In one sentence or less, you must tell your visitor what you offer and how you’re going to solve their problem.

For example, a landscaping company may use the following: “Your premiere landscaper, ensuring a healthy and beautiful outdoor space for you and your family.”

2. Be concise and upbeat.

The landing page is not the introduction to your novel; this is still a courting phase, and you have to toe the line between too much and not enough info.

Choose language which is uplifting, inspirational and motivates the user to read on. Aggressive or “sales-y” language can turn off a prospect; remember, your audience should feel like you relate to their needs and understand their pain points.

Avoid using lengthy pieces of text, also known as “word walls.” A good rule of thumb is to keep paragraphs at three sentences or less. Bold key concepts for extra emphasis.

3. Use the 3-step approach.

Create a pathway for your prospect to take action. Our preferred method is the “3-step” approach, where you outline three simple steps that take the prospect from an inquiry to a purchase or other desired action.

Let’s use the landscaping company example, again:

  1. Explore our landscaping services.
  2. Let us know your needs.
  3. Schedule a consultation.

This is just an example and will vary depending on your service and business model. However, the idea is to create a simple pathway for your prospect to get in touch and quickly get the information or service they need.

4. Add a personal touch.

Put a face to your business to increase credibility and trust. The homepage is a great spot for a short bio about you, your company or your team.

Consider including a photo or video to really drive the message home and create real human connection.

5. Use attractive graphics.

Attractive visuals are also uncluttered. “Lead magnet” or your primary offer in exchange for their contact info needs a compelling image to draw the user’s attention.

For example, an image of your free eBook when they sign-up for your newsletter. If you’re considering using a series of images, make sure they are consistent and come from the same source or have a similar style.

6. Include your credentials.

Show your prospect that you are the expert. If you have testimonials, use them here to grab their attention and position yourself as trustworthy and experienced.

The landing page should just offer a snippet of your bio; a more in-depth version can be included on your “About Me” page.

7. Don’t forget a signup form.

Make it easy for your prospect to stay connected! It can be in the form of a traditional sign-up sheet, pop-up or attached to your “lead magnet”– just be sure it’s visible and simple to use.

A great place to position your “Call to Action” or sign-up button is on the top right corner of the page, as well as directly below your “3-step” process.

8. Track your progress.

Track your mailing list growth by looking at your conversion rate, or the number of times a user subscribes to your newsletter after viewing your page.

This will give you an indication of how well your landing page is working and if adjustments should be made. Want to learn more about Content Marketing or simply have someone do it for you?

We want to see your business grow. Schedule your FREE Business Booster Call with your team of professionals and let’s see how we can take your business to the next level.


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