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A Beginner’s Guide to Nurture Marketing

With the boom of technology and spike of customer awareness, people have more options than ever, and they know it. Marketers are tasked with the predicament of converting leads.

What is nurture marketing?

In a nutshell, nurture marketing is the process of value creation through sharing worthwhile, useful content with prospects based on their interests and behaviors. Sounds like a mouthful, right?

In fact, it’s quite simple when you break it down. Nurture marketing campaigns effectively create and maintain a conversation by consistently adapting to the prospect’s replies (or lack thereof).

What does nurture marketing look like?

A common example of nurture marketing is through an email campaign.

For example, when someone subscribes to your email newsletter, they’ll immediately be sent a “welcome” email to confirm their subscription and perhaps share a bit about what they can expect in forthcoming messages, links to your social pages, etc.

In a series of subsequent messages, the prospect will be sent valuable content, such as blog posts, videos, webinars, etc. What begins as a “soft sell” begins to close the gap between “maybe” to “I’m ready to buy.”

Who manages leads?

Managing leads used to be the responsibility of the sales team — endless cold calls, unanswered emails, offering products prospects may or may not be interested in…

Nurture marketing is a bit more subtle, yet magnificently more effective. Instead of guessing at what your prospect wants, nurture marketing pays attention to the behaviors of your prospects to offer targeted offers, info, and services they actually want.

For example, say you send your list a link to download a free chapter of your eBook. To everyone who downloaded the chapter, you send a thank you message with an additional link to a related webinar.

Anyone that clicks to view the webinar will be contacted by your sales team. The prospect has demonstrated considerable interest, and the salesperson is much more likely to convert them.

What are the benefits of nurture marketing FOR THE MARKETER?

  • Learn about your prospects — you can send only content that interests them.
  • Simplify the sales process by only targeting prospects who demonstrate interest.
  • Establish industry credibility by offering free value and displaying your expertise.
  • Maintain awareness through regular emails, without coming across as “spammy.”
  • Find opportunities for cross- and up-selling.
  • Discover segmenting opportunities.

What are the benefits of nurture marketing FOR THE PROSPECT?

  • Learn about your products/services in a low pressure, no commitment environment.
  • Receive personalized, target content versus generic emails sent to mass subscriber lists.
  • FREE content simply for subscribing.
  • Option to engage or disengage with ease, at any time.
  • Receive targeted info based on needs, interests and pain points.

How do I get started?

We specialize in nurture marketing; check out some of our recent works from happy clients:

If you don’t have the time or desire to handle this on your own, we can help!

Schedule your complimentary Business Booster Call and explore how nurture marketing can grow your business.

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