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One of our most frequent questions we get from our clients at ContentFirst.Marketing is how to measure the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. It’s a great question – you want to know if a campaign is working well, and what it’s contributing to your business. So we developed the C1M App, a portal where you can see exactly what we’ve done for your business, what’s in the queue, and how each piece and campaign is performing. From support questions to data on your website and email campaigns to a call tracking system, it’s all right here in the C1M App at your fingertips, on your schedule.


Ultimately, the goal of your digital marketing campaigns is to bring you more leads. So we developed a clear and easy way to see what leads are coming in, and where they’re coming from with the C1M App. What’s most exciting is this gives you access to call tracking, which tells you what source your inbound calls come from. So you can tell if your new Google My Business page is getting you lots of interest, or if the recent influx of calls is from a social media campaign. You can also listen to the calls later, to make sure your potential customers are having a positive experience in their first interaction with your company. You can even reply to texts in the app, and set reminders to call a customer back in the future.



You can view all your contacts in one place in the new C1M App, together with details like contact information.


One of the most important tasks we do for our clients is send out a regular digest of their content, much like a newsletter. But we often get questions from clients wondering when their digests went out, and how they performed. Now you can access all of that information right from the C1M App, whenever you like. You can view the most recent digest and check when the next one is scheduled to go out, see what blog posts they linked to, and check stats on how many people opened and clicked through as well.



The new C1M App lets you see what blogs we have in the works for you, and where they are in the process of publication. You can also review the previously published articles. Got a great idea for a blog post you’d like one of our writers to tackle for you? There’s now an easy way to submit that to an editor, or to review our syndicated content library to see if we already have an article you’re interested in publishing. Plus, you can review the keyword strategy we’re using to craft your blogs.


Want to visit just one easy place to view your most important web analytics? Now you can see the key metrics at a glance, right in the C1M App. You can view data on your website visitors and their behavior, and target it by whatever date range you’re interested in. Or, if we’re building you a new website, you can now check on the progress of the site right in the app so you’re always up to date.


Support Desk

While we always encourage our clients to email or call us with any issues, sometimes submitting a support ticket is easier. Now you can do that right from the C1M App, and submit a ticket to us with any issues that have come up for you.

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