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September 19, 2019 - John Arnott

The Digital Era and Its Effect on Patient Relationships

Today’s digital era has caused the medical profession to evolve by leaps and bounds. As a result, most health care systems adopt technology and innovation to enhance patient healthcare, safety, and experience. But what about adapting to the changes that the digital era has brought for patient relationships? Let’s explore this today. The Digital Age…

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September 12, 2019 - John Arnott

How to Create Quick Leads for Healthcare Marketing

According to the recent February 2019 CMO Survey on 2,556 top marketers in the U.S., healthcare marketing leaders expect to increase their marketing budget for the next 12 months by almost 15%. And the hope is that the marketing will improve the amount of quick leads coming in, and that these leads will convert to…

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September 4, 2019 - John Arnott

Lead Generation Tactics for Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is more confusing to navigate for health practitioners than diagnosing their patients. Healthcare companies now invest billions in marketing. And if you have a private practice, you may end up doing all the health care marketing. To top it all, digital and online marketing have emerged in the past thirteen years as a new…

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Wow, you all did an incredible job putting together a site that is so easy to follow and has great content. Talk about building trust and providing great service. Thanks to all!

Ross & Mary Stryker

Smart Asset Opportunities


An indispensable asset for the entrepreneur, John Arnott walks through the tactics that support a successful marketing strategy.

Mike Curtis

President, Texas Envelope Company


A successful business needs more than a great product or service, it needs customers.  The Content First Marketing approach to driving new customers through digital channels works!

John Truitt

CEO, Simple Sleep Services


These guys are great!  Blogging, Link Building, eMail Engagement and Social Media.  They are a true Done-For-You digital marketing solution.

Some encouraging words from Michelle Prince

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

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