What do you do after I make the commitment?

1) We either create a new blog, or update your existing wordpress blog to have the latest updates and our proprietary plug in.
2) We identify 5-10 different topics for our writers to use
3) We begin writing blog posts within 5 days
4) We obtain access to your social media accounts for posting
5) We identify sites that can be potential inbound linking candidates
6) We create a branded email template to go to your subscribers and schedule the email frequency
7) We write articles, review them, post with an image and announce them to your social network and email list
8) We create messaging around your core product
9) We identify an engagement product message
10) We create 3 email series for the core products and engagement products
11) At appropriate timing intervals we email the engagement product series to your prospects or the core product email series to your engagement product customers.

How do I get started?

Go to https://contentfirst.marketing/services/ and select the package you wish to purchase.  Click on the Try It Now button, pay for the service and you will get an email requesting some basic information about the site.

Are Google adwords and Facebook Ads Included in the ContentFirst.Marketing Service

We will manage your Paid Ad campaigns for you. There is an additional charge to Setup the Ads and a recurring fee of 10% of your monthly ads budget to manage and optimize the campaigns.
You can learn more here https://contentfirst.marketing/services/

What exactly do you do?

We ask you, “How do you want to be known?”
We write your articles and blog posts for you and encourage webmasters to link to your content.
We persuade your visitors to opt in to your mailing list.
We email your list members new useful content consistently, but not constantly.
We post to your social media accounts consistently and follow up with your fans.
We take your main product or service and package it up so its easy to understand and help you define introductory products that you can use as an easy first sale
We develop free offerings that can be used to educate your prospect and engage in a conversation with them
We do digital marketing. We do it for you.