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Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) Ends on June 30, 2023. 

Are You Prepared? 

For those of you who use Google Analytics, you know this free tool provides invaluable information about your website content, visitor demographics, behaviors, interests, devices they use, and even the times of day they visit. It also provides essential data about your marketing campaign performance, the channels that drive the most traffic, popular pages on your site, conversion rates, and more.

Why the Change?

The primary reason for the change is Google’s shift to a “privacy-first” approach. Their new goal is to focus on the user journey so marketers can better track users across channels, websites, software, etc.

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Why Migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA)

Like it or not, Google Analytics will migrate to GA4 as the default in July 2023. If you plan to continue using Google Analytics, it just makes sense to get all of your historical data migrated to GA4 before it ends.

If you know and love UA’s data, the new GA4 platform has added plenty of new capabilities and features to get excited about!

What’s Different?

GA4 is different from UA in three main ways: measurement, reporting, and automation. Additionally, GA4 offers some new features that UA doesn’t. Some of these differences provide significant improvements in mapping the customer’s journey – enabling you to make more informed decisions for your business.

Here are a few more features of GA4:

  • Predictive metrics through machine learning
  • Data-driven Attribution
  • Event-based Measurement Modeling
  • Easy Integration with Applications
  • Better Mobile Tracking
  • Engagement Metrics (GA4) vs. Behavior Metrics (UA)
  • Better Cross-device reporting

What Happens if I Don’t Migrate to GA4?

The biggest concern is that Google will no longer track new user data after Universal Analytics sunsets in July 2023. It’s also uncertain how long your previously processed data will be available after the switch – so you’ll eventually lose that historical data as well.

You’ll Also Miss Out On:

  • Conversion data
  • Website traffic data
  • Website engagement data
  • Marketing attribution data
  • All historical data

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