Health Care Solutions

Digital Strategy

The best digital marketing programs are based on market research and planning. We begin each project with a current situational analysis and competitor assessment, and then we plan out the creation of a unifying website message and foundation content created to engage readers and reduce bounce rate. We plan weekly content to increase organic traffic, and develop key metrics and data so you are able to see our evidence-based marketing improve your rates of new and returning patients.

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Website Makeover

The homepage is the most important page on the website. It’s where 90% of prospects are gained or lost in a matter of seconds. We look towards the key five elements of an engaging website; hero image, call to action, three step plan, fresh content, and marketing automation. We continue through each page with an approach of consistent messaging and engaging content.

Our content creation and design renovation are created by our professional team of designers, developers, copywriters, and copy editors. Your site will be mobile friendly and include social media integration. All work is guaranteed and includes 30 days of unlimited editing.

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Health Content Creation

Engage your prospects with informative and action-driven content specifically designed for health centers. Providing blogs and articles to your website helps drive traffic to your site and helps convert that traffic into leads. Blogging goes hand-in-hand with your social media channels. It’s one more way to help get your brand discovered. We will continually deliver new content written by our team of professional writers, that address the biggest topics in specialty medicine.

Patient Retention Campaigns

Build lasting relationships with your patients  to build up loyalty and patient retention. These types of relationships turn into returning patient referrals and a growing stream of new patients. We specialize in keeping your patients engaged, and provide continual engagement along their patient journey with your practice. We know how to expertly introduce new therapies to help attract continuing patients, what type of information patients find most valuable. We specialize in helping you stay connected with your patients out of office, so you can focus on the ones you see daily.

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Social Media

We go beyond simply posting updates to your company’s social media. We specialize in engaging with your audience and continually look for new opportunities to increase awareness. Our strategy includes the fundamental goals of building your authority, creating trust, and building long-term patient relationships. We can help you with all of your social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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