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Here’s How Not to Start A Sales Email

Think about the last time you went to a networking event or conference, where you were meeting a lot of new people for the first time. You probably even prepared an opening line or introduction that you felt would connect with these new people.


It’s pretty usual to be more thoughtful and strategic in our in-person meetings because we’ve always been told first impressions are EVERYTHING. And, first impressions are formed in less than a second — it’s not even always a conscious decision.


When it comes to written first impressions, say in a sales or outreach email, do you take the same time and consideration?


Maybe yes, and maybe no. Either way, there’s probably room for improvement.


Take a moment to go back through your more recently sent sales emails and identify if your opening line is making or breaking your message…


Don’t Waste Your Time on These Opening Lines for a Sales Email


“My name is…/I am…”

Seems like a good first thing to say… if you’re meeting in person.


With an email, it’s pretty easy for the recipient to figure out your name. So, don’t waste precious words (or their attention) on an obvious fact.



“I hope this message finds you well…/ I hope you’re doing well…”

It’s a friendly statement, but a bit too general for a prospect email. Skip the pleasantries and use your first line to snag them with something more intriguing or thought-provoking.


Don’t be afraid to challenge them a bit, or push the envelope. Better to be remembered for being a bit different, than not remembered at all!



“My company…/ I work for…”

Your prospect already knows you’re trying to sell them something — jumping right in with the name of your company looks a bit strange and unnatural.


Instead, try intertwining it into a sentence like this:

“At a recent conference, I was recommended to you by Josh Thompson. I support Josh’s company website and marketing strategy as a Sales Rep at Content.First Marketing.”



“You’re not going to believe this…/ Did you know…?”

It’s not the worst way to start an email, but it sure has been done more than a few times!


Have you ever received an email like this:

“Did you know email marketing is the #1 way to attract and retain new prospects?”


Cool fact (and definitely true), but it’s too sales-y and may turn your prospect off.


If you still want to use a cincher like this, tailor it exactly to your prospect. Make it personal and unique to their circumstances or business.



“How can I help you…?”

Good intentions. Poor execution.


In most prospect emails, you’re contacting them because either they subscribed to your email list or you got their info from an event/meeting. In both scenarios, you generally have an idea of what they want, so get right to it!


How about, “I noticed your website could use a fresh new look.” Or, “You mentioned you want to increase your email deliverability rates.”


Both options offer an immediate solution and show that you can give them value on a problem they already have.



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