How to Harness the Power of
Measurable Digital Marketing

There’s a lot of conflicting information available out there about marketing strategies for businesses like yours. With all the buzzwords out there – SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, online ads – how can you sort out what’s really essential to your success?

Digital marketing is the answer. It’s how you meet your customers where they are – online, in a targeted and thoughtful way.

With the right digital marketing strategy, you can see real results to your bottom line in a real and sustainable way. It can help you build a strong foundation for the future of your business.

C1M was founded in 2013 with one purpose in mind – to help businesses like yours grow. Our talented team of experts uses the principles of digital marketing to create measurable results for your business. Digital marketing isn’t a new fad – it’s a time-tested way of attracting your target customers by delivering what they need.

How Do We Deliver Digital Marketing Strategies that Really Work for Your Business?

The first step is creating an online presence that welcomes your customers – an easy-to-navigate website with content that speaks to their needs.

Next, it’s time to focus on finding and assessing your leads. Knowing where your leads come from, and what stage of the sales process they’re in, and which is likely to convert to a sale is critical information.

Finally, how do you create a successful nurture funnel for your promising leads until they become customers? This is key to your digital marketing success.

C1M will walk you through all these steps in detail. We give you a digital marketing plan that gets proven results, and we ensure you have a deep understanding of how and why we’re doing each step.

No more vanity metrics or vague plans – just expert guidance and real results.

Your ContentFirst Digital Marketing Roadmap

Your digital marketing plan begins with a polished and professional online presence. Your website is the first impression most people will get of your business – you want to make sure it reflects your company and your values well. Online presence isn’t just your website. It’s also your online reviews and social media platforms.

The next step in your digital marketing cycle is your leads – they can be paid quick leads or free sustained leads. Quick leads are paid ads, from Google Ads to social media paid ads. Sustained leads come from a strong content strategy, driving visitors to your site through organic search who learn all about your product or service offerings that way.

Finally, the nurture cycle begins. Many leads don’t make an immediate purchase after finding your ads or site – they need more time to decide. You’ll help nurture them to a sale with targeted email campaigns, thoughtful social media posts, and glowing online reviews of your business.

Your Digital Marketing Program

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Google My Business
Social Media


Blog, Digest, eMail Campaigns, Social Post


Paid Ads - Quick

Social &

Paid Social
Cold Email


SEO – Long Play Content Creation 9 – 18 Months


Reputation Mgmt Community Mgmt

Net Promoter Score, Survey Testimonial Referral, Active Social Media Community Management


Delivering What You Want in Your Marketing Partner

ContentFirst Marketing creates client success with measurable results, leaning into what sets us apart from the competition. It’s our difference that makes us the right team for your organization.

Tailored Strategy – Marketing has never been a one-size-fits-all initiative. Each business has its own unique agenda, values, deliverables, and budget. When working with an agency, it’s paramount you and your business get a strategy that works with all those variables.

When you work with C1M, you’ll get a tailored strategy to help you reach the business goals you’re pursuing. Our team partners with you to build the right experience for your prospects, visitors, and customers – with a strategy and roadmap that’s customized just for you.

Advanced Technology – At our core, we’re a bunch of integration and design geeks focused on using the right tools to make big results happen for our clients. Always human-led and double-checked, we implement the latest artificial intelligence, integration, and automation technology to bring your business to the next level.

In a nutshell, this means our integration team can connect nearly any system to another and create automation around it so you can do more with less… and faster. If you’re going about things the long and old-fashioned way, this is your invitation to find out what’s possible with a marketing technology partner like C1M on your team.

Unparalleled Support – We believe customer service is often seen as a four-letter-word. Everyone talks about it as one of their core principles, that it feel less important or less mission-critical to customers. Customers expect service. The truth is, service doesn’t equal support.

Our team is dedicated to providing unparalleled support. This means we answer your calls, emails, suggestions, and support requests with purpose. More than simply being available and accessible, we bring wisdom, experience, and ideas to the relationship to help as a trusted advisor for all your marketing initiatives.

We deliver measurable results with marketing that actually works.

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