Social Media Posts Should Include a Keyword Strategy 

October 27, 2022
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Relying on social media platforms for consumer engagement shouldn’t be your only marketing investment. Unpredictably, platforms can make algorithm changes that impact organic reach. Most digital marketers agree that targeting the right keyword strategy is important for content creation. Therefore, they now realize that this is especially true for social media posts, as well. Insightful keyword tactics combined with social media posts directly affect user engagement. 

Incorporating high-quality keywords into social media posts will increase your brand’s exposure and help your social media posts rank on Google in organic search results. Digital marketing companies like our team at ContentFirst.Marketing, understand the importance of including keywords in your social media marketing plan and can help you jump-start your keyword strategy.  

 Reasons to Optimize Keywords in Social Media Posts 

 Many consumers have discovered that they can use social networks to find products and services they need. Social media search is important, and marketers should begin targeting keyword choices and placement in social media posts to increase the chance of a higher rank on a social media search page.  

Using keywords to gain a top spot on a Google search page has been happening for years but optimizing social media posts to achieve a top spot on a social network search page is relatively new. It’s considerably easier to do, there isn’t a lot of competition, and there can be a lot of gain for brands using targeted keywords for social media. Therefore, transfer your SEO skills into social media search boxes and watch your traffic and followers grow.  

How Do Keywords Work in Social Media Posts? 

 Social media keyword strategy works similarly to keywords used to expand reach to a website. Optimal keywords help Google realize that your content applies to related search queries. Incorporating keywords into your social media content enhances visibility and allows you to expand your reach and drive traffic to your various digital properties. 

User behavior varies across social media platforms, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to keyword usage. Each social media keywords strategy will be different depending which platform you use. Keep in mind that what works on Instagram might not work on Twitter or Facebook.  

 Here are some universal keyword strategies that work across the most popular social media platforms. 

Identifying the Right Keywords for Your Brand 

 The keywords you decide to use will differ depending on the social media platform you are using. Here are some ways to find the keywords that are right for your social media site, consider the following, 

Use Simple and Common Terms  

  •  Choose common words that describe your brand. What words would match your brand if someone were to search a social media platform? Consider a simple choice of keywords that relate to your brand and audience.  

Consider Which Terms You Want Your Brand to Be Associated With  

  •  Consider keywords that you want to be associated with and make those some of your keywords. 

Compare Your Strategy with Competitors  

  •  Test out the keyword in the search bar, and type it in and see what comes up. If too many competitors pop up, try a more specific keyword. 

Conduct SEO Keyword Research

  •  Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you’ve already performed SEO keyword research, use some of those same keywords. 

Optimize Keywords Across Social Media Platforms 

  •  Consider how different platforms distribute information and ensure that your keywords align with the purpose of your content. 

Keywords and Hashtags Can Help Users Find You Easier  

  • The right set of keywords used in a hashtag can direct a user directly to your brand. Hashtags are a powerful way to help users find you. Many times, a user will just search a keyword with a hashtag to find all related content.  

Add Keywords in Photo Captions 

 Social media platforms rely heavily on photos to interact with their audience. Take some time to incorporate keywords into captions to describe your company photos. The more creative the keywords, the better. 

Tagging and Linking to Pages with Keywords 

 Take advantage of meta descriptions and tags to help your social posts rank. Adding keywords to video tags, video descriptions, and sharing links from social media posts all drive user engagement and increase exposure.  

Headings, Subheadings, and Titles Need Keywords 

 All major social media networks have a place to highlight a person or company with a few words. Placing a keyword in a heading optimizes the page.  Even a short headline in a post helps it rank and helps people understand what the brand represents. Additionally, headings are on-page drivers for SEO, so search engines index headline content often. Using target keywords can give your social media accounts the extra push they need to rank on major search engines, like Google.  

Add Specific Keywords in the Body of the Post 

 Strategically add 1-5 keywords to your post body, depending on the size of the post. Just be cautious- stuffing more keywords than you need can work against you and attract less engagement. Additionally, 2-5 hashtags at the end of the post are usually sufficient. For some platforms, like Instagram, it’s okay to be hashtag heavy. This is an example of why it’s critical for you to be in tune with the user behavior relative to each social media platform. What works for one network might not work for another.  

Enhance Your Profile Descriptions with Keywords 

 Some platforms have a “bio,” “summary,” or “about” section that allows you to describe your profile and give users a more personal experience. Using this space to add your most important keywords is a great idea. By incorporating a few keywords into your profile description, you can rank higher when people search for specific topics. You don’t have to overdo it and risk sounding unnatural, but if you can drop the keyword into this section seamlessly, will help your search rank. 

Develop a Keyword Strategy for Social Media   

 The social media playing field is massive, so digital marketing strategies must aim to keep your brand above the rest. Incorporating keywords into your social media marketing campaign is one way to stay ahead of your competition.  

If you don’t know how to start, that’s okay. Digital marketing experts know exactly how to help you lay out a social media strategy that uses the power of keywords to be successful. Start optimizing your social media posts with keywords to increase traffic, exposure, and user engagement.  With our marketing experts at ContentFirst.Marketing, we can create a social media campaign effective for your brand.


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