Insperity Training

Thank you for going through the BPA Nurture Marketing training with me.  I enjoyed delivering it and hope you found some value in it.   Below are links to some of the content from the presentation.  Please feel free to use these as “Cheat Sheets”.

This is the handout that walks through the steps.   Insperity-StepsForVideo

NOTE: For your broadcast do not put the Contact Group in the TO field.  Outlook expands these contacts and includes them all.  The Contact Group must go in BCC and your name should go in the To.

The email templates are Insperity-Templates .  These need to be unzipped and copied into your ../Microsoft/Templates folder

You can find the videos at

You an access a PDF of the slide presentation at Insperity-training-slides


If you know of a BPA who would like to go through this training, they can sign up at