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Monitor, Maintain, Optimize

Your website presence needs a team dedicated to maintaining and optimizing your website. ContentFirst.Marketing is committed to keeping your site safe and up & running.

Who is keeping your site safe from threats?

ContentFirst.Marketing uses proprietary processes and website software to identify and block threats as they reach the site.

Who keeps the software up to date as changes are released?

At the foundation of any site is a Content Management System complete with a variety of tools built on the Operating System platform at the data center. Each of these systems continually gets updates. How do you ensure that applying one update will not have negative side effects on other parts of the system? This is where the ContentFirst.Marketing website management team comes in. We continual test the interaction between new release in our Lab Environment at Amazon in an effort to identify potential issues before they affect your site.

Who makes sure my site stays up and running?

ContentFirst.Marketing hosts each site on a dedicated server at Amazon. Amazon Web Services maintains a %99.99 uptime rating.

What if you want some changes made the the site?

When you engage ContentFirst.Marketing to manage your site, you also get a team that can quickly perform updates to copy and content. Whether you want to change the wording on your homepage, upload a blog post or put a general announcement in the header, we are available to make the changes for you.

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