Nurture Marketing In Unlikely Places

I get a lot of questions about just exactly what “nurture marketing” is.

For a lot of small business owners and other professional individuals, nurture marketing is a totally alien concept. Yet it’s all around you, popping up in places where you’d least expect it.

Let me give you an example of the last time I experienced nurture marketing: at my dentist’s office.

In fact, I noticed it on two separate occasions.

The first time was after a cleaning appointment. Before the day was over, I got a personalized email from my dentist, thanking me for coming in and offering an incentive for reviewing them on Yelp!

By simply recommending my dentist (who I already know and trust), they offered me a FREE $5 Starbucks giftcard. How could I pass up a free coffee?


How Did the Dentist Accomplish Nurture Marketing?

My dentist is building a relationship with me by connecting right after my appointment and letting me know I’m a valued client.

What’s more, they’re offering me something of value (who doesn’t love free coffee?) in exchange for a referral.

Through one, simple automated email, they’re nurturing two relationships: the existing and also the prospective client.

The second instant happened a few days later, and this is an example I love.

During my appointment, my dentist recommended a dental surgeon for my wisdom teeth extraction. They gave me a quote for the procedure, as well as the contact information of the surgeon.

Two days later, I received an email: “Have you scheduled your wisdom teeth removal?” Amazing.

Within the body was the same info I received at my appointment, including a digital copy of my quote.


How Is This Nurture Marketing?

Just like the first example, they’re following up with me and letting me know they care about my treatment.

Secondly, they’re nurturing their relationship with the dental surgeon by recommending qualified patients to their office. You can bet when that dental surgeon has a patient due for a cleaning, they’ll be referring my dentist.


The Bottom Line

Nurture marketing is the business of following up.

Are you following up with your leads?

Could you be following up more?

If you are following up, how effective are your methods?

Nurture marketing ensures that you are at the forefront of consumer minds, so when they’re ready to make a purchase, they’ll choose you. The time you take to follow up will never be a waste: it is a true investment in your consumer and your business.

They are tons of ways to follow up, but one thing you must ALWAYS do is offer something of value. In the example of my dentist they offered two things:

1. A free coffee
2. A qualified, trust source for further treatment

Now that you know what nurture marketing is, where have you experienced it? Check your inbox for clues.


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Nurture Marketing In Unlikely Places
Here we explore some real-life examples where you can look for nurture marketing, and why it will be helpful to grow your business.


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