Quick Leads


In the digital world, if you need a steady growing stream of leads, your primary choice is through the most authoritative search, display, and social platforms. These include:

  • Search, Display Network
  • Search
  • Social Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Social Ads, Sponsored InMail

We identify the best platforms based on target market, reach, budget, and overall volume.

Key Deliverables

Initial analysis, strategy, and setup to:

  1. Understand your business and target markets
  2. Review website and consult continuously for success
  3. Set initial expectations and specific goals
  4. Design and build proper campaigns for all PPC efforts
  5. Perform comprehensive keyword research and selection

Ongoing account management:

  1. Ongoing keyword performance analysis, additions, and deletions
  2. Ongoing ad copy analysis and testing
  3. Continued conversion tracking analysis
  4. Detailed PPC reporting and analysis
  5. Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to dynamically adapt the campaigns