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Simple Ways to Make Email Deliverability Work for You

More than 100 billion emails are sent every day.


And, this number continues to grow. Even with the rise of social media, smartphones and other technologies, email marketing still reigns supreme when it comes to professional and business communications.


As the owner of a small business or as an entrepreneur, if you’re not using email marketing, you’re missing out!


If you needed more convincing, consider this:

  • Email marketing is INSTANT. Once you hit the “send” button, everything sets into action.
  • With analytics softwares, your email marketing efforts can generate valuable insights such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rate and return on investment (ROI).
  • Once you have a prospect’s email info, you can continue contacting them about multiple products, services and valuable content.
  • It’s way more affordable than traditional media like radio, television or print ads.
  • It’s eco-friendly! No paper waste here.


I challenge you to come up with a single other form of digital marketing as accessible, effective and affordable than email!


Writing a great email is half the battle. The other half is landing it in someone’s inbox. That’s what we call “email deliverability”, and it’s where the real results happen.


Want to be sure your email winds up in front of the right eyes?


Simple Yet Effective Strategies for Email Deliverability


Ask your subscribers to confirm their subscription.

A single opt-in is when you instantly add a subscriber to your email list after providing their contact details.


A double opt-in takes it one step further by sending an email which requires subscribers to confirm their subscription.


You may experience lower subscription rates up front but will benefit from only targeting users with a true, vested interest in your brand — quality over quantity.



Clean up your mailing list by removing hard bounces.

A hard bounce is when a sent email never makes it to the recipient because either their inbox is full/unavailable or they’ve incorrectly input their contact information.


Keep your mailing list clean and purge hard bounces immediately.



When it comes to sending emails, think quality over quantity.

Double emails doesn’t equate to double results. If you’re sending more than one email a day, you’re probably over mailing.


You may wind up looking “spammy” and annoying to your recipient. By making sure your content is valuable each time and by not overwhelming their inbox, you will gain and keep your prospect’s trust. This is the way to reach the goal: from prospect to customer!



Purge users who don’t open/click.

Decide on a time frame — six months, a year or more, and remove users who are not interacting with your emails, at all.


Cleaning up your mailing list will improve deliverability rates for those who are clicking and opening.



Always sign off with the same sender and signature.

Sender name is more prominent than the subject line or preheader text. Sending from your business email account will increase credibility and make your brand more recognizable.


Once you’ve started sending from one account, stay consistent and only send messages from that account.



If someone unsubscribes, respect their choice.

Process your unsubscribers, as soon as they opt-out.


There are some email lists, who will message their unsubscribers even after they’ve opted out — don’t be that person or company!


Respect your unsubscribes — you never know who may be listening!



Brand your email.

Ensure your email branding is clear and consistent with what your subscriber saw at the time of signing up.


This includes wording, coloring, logos and so on. In your email footer include company name, address, contact information and logo. Consistency is key to brand recognition and credibility.



Want more tips on email deliverability? Check out 16 Ways to Score Big on Email Deliverability.


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