The worlds of Social Media and Digital Marketing are essentially interlinked. Some 75% of the equity that a company’s website has within the search engines comes from OUTSIDE their own website (also referred to as “off-page”). Some of the best strategies for building a strong presence in the off-page world come from Social Media, and our process shows you how and where to invest your time for optimal results.

Critical for Building Community

The realm of social media is a terrific place to build a loyal base of fans, to involve customers in your product development, elicit feedback, pro-actively address service issues, even turn over some of your support tasks to your most loyal and competent advocates, partners and customers.

Referrals convert at a higher rate

Online prospects or customers that come to your site as a result of word of mouth (a referral from a social media site or word of mouth from a friend or colleague) convert into qualified leads and paying customers at a rate much higher than typical website visitors… as much as 4X higher.