The ContentFirst Vision

The C1M Core Focus

Purpose / Cause / Passion: We help our clients grow their business with measurable results – reach their goals, improve reputation and credibility in the market, fill in gaps in their branding, and help them achieve more.
Our Niche: Integrated Digital Marketing services to services businesses that include Digital Storytelling, Digital Brand Messaging, Nurture Marketing, systems integration and automation.

Our Three Uniques

Who we are – Integrated approach • Full Digital Marketing Parter.
Our Promise – Measurable Results with a personal touch, easy to reach, fast response.
Our Technology – Guidance, recommendations and execution based on insights from the C1M app and associated AI.

The Proven Process

Our proven process is the C1M Difference. We’ve spent years collecting data and cataloguing results from all the digital marketing efforts we’ve deployed with clients, and the biggest takeaway is having a pathway to growth is the most important element. You can start anywhere with any initiative, but without proven next steps already laid out, growth isn’t easy or fun. With a process of next-best-steps to reach your growth goals, C1M delivers marketing that actually works.